This network has been laughed at times since 6/03/97, THE DAY OF THIS PAGE'S CREATION!

I'll hang out here for a while....

Greetings!!!!!    You    Normal    Mortals!!!!!!!!!

UPDATED as of 2/29/00

A word from the Hankster.....

Hi there! Well, I just wanted to say that I am sorry about not being able to update this page in such a long time, but because of some personal things in my life, as well as changes with my webpage server, I had a hard time to get back to wroking on this page. I just hope to really buckle down and get this page back in working order. Pretty soon, I should have this page decorated for St. Patrick's Day, but don't worry, Santa's Not-So-Little Helper will stay with us for a little longer. So, just sit back and I hope that you all will like the upcoming changes that will happen here.

Thank you, Take care, and God Bless you,


The Table of Contents:

UPDATED on 4/23/99

The Description of The Hankster Homepage
Obviously, this is the full description, as I want, of YOURS TRULY. This includes a picture of me, so you can see what I look like, too. I also had to do it for a class on the Internet.
Tired of the Late Sicko and Eggbert's laimiod point of view on the latest movies? See GREAT movie reviews, THE WEIRDO NETWORK WAY!!!!!!
Enter here and see the sexy celebrity and animated women that populate my world. ;)
NEW for Real-Life: Took out some.
NEW for Animated, Comic Book, and Japanese Anime:
NEW Links to their SPECIAL Pages:

Sifl & Olly linkThe Weirdo Network's Dedication to The Sifl & Olly Show
Come on in and help us celebrate this show's Second Season which just started.

The Weirdo Network's Birthday List
Now, I have made a section to wish Happy Brithday to my favorite celebrities and friends.

Weirdo Network's Webpage of the LIVING DEAD
Though Halloween is over, I made this page for the things that both scare me and stir my imagination. Just don't let them eat your BRAINS!!!!!!

The Weirdo Network Message Zone
Come here and put a message about your opinion on this page and the sections within it. Also, place a message about anything that interest you.

NEWWeirdo Network, Geocities
I just acquired some more disk space to add on to the original Weirdo Network. Just come and take a brief look at what I recieved. More to come, soon.

Links to my Friend's and Family's Homepages

LovePatLinkLoves of my life
This is from a good on-line friend of mine who lives in my area. It is basically a page about the people that she loves in her life and includes links to places which will help you or your friends cheer up by what they have in them. Go and check it out. It may brighten your day.

My Brother, through some help from me, got his own webpage. Just pop on in and see what he likes and also e-mail him, too. :)

Check out these links, too.

I have found this site which you can purchase CDs from your favorite musical artists. Check it out, it is really cool!!!!!! ;)

The Hankster


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