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UPDATED on 1/16/99

Legal Disclaimer: The show is the copyright of its creators and M.T.V. This page was made because I like the show and I just wanted to do my part to help make it popular. I hope not to cause any trouble with anyone involve with it. Thanks.

Hi there. About a month ago I stumbled across Sifl and Olly while channel surfing. I was lucky enough to catch a marithon that M.T.V was running of the show. What i found was a very wacky show wich contained a strange collection of sock puppets and cheep, but good, special effects. This page, is my part to help turn other people on to this show. The show is a combination of goofy interviews, crazy phone calls, and twisted songs. Here is the list of the key players of this series.

The Cast

Sifl & OllySifl & Olly:

These two are the hosts of this show. Sifl appears to be the more serious while Olly is the wacky one. Most of the time, they try to put on a good show, but wind up with problems(Mostly because Sifl spends all of the shows money). They also find out that there re people, in the world, more screwed up than they are. This mostly happens during, "Calls from the Public". They also try to do the news, sell products from Precious Roy(Below), have adventures, and sing songs. Though they experience many problems, things turn out good and the show, in my opinion, turns out to be a laugh riot.


Animated Sifl & Olly #1Animated Sifl & Olly #2Olly, The First Canadian Dracula!Animated Sifl & Olly #3


This is the third member and announcer of the show. He is also the least there member of the cast. Sometimes, it takes a while for him to get what is going on around him. I have to warn you, if you ask him a question, that is very hard for him, he will lose it and faint. He is also very laid back. But, in my opinion, he is my favortite character and the most funny. He even has his own segment of the show in which Sifl and Olly will ask him questions. He does things, really good, like chasing bubbles, dancing, and singing. He also decides if he is going to introduce Sifl and Olly or not, which does get on the guys nerves. But, in all, he is a pretty cool guy.


Animated ChesterHuh?Bubbles #1Hi!Bust

Precious RoyPrecious Roy

"This is Precious Roy!" This is the guy who runs the Home Shopping Network that Sifl and Olly promote on their show. The things he sells range from the bizarre, like the Edible Sandles, to the gross, like the Civil War Corpses. When the guys go to him, after promoting the product, he appears not to know what they are talking about. It also appears that he is not only screwing with the viewers, but with Sifl and Olly, as well, though Olly shows that he believes in Roy and his products. To Roy, everyone is a Sucker. Which proves his motto, "Precious Roy, Precious Roy. Making lots of Suckers out of girls and boys."

Notible Guests

Sifl and Olly had a contest that resuted in the winners being able to go into space and do whatever they want. But, they seem to only get themselves into weird predictaments, such as running into and turning into giant asparigases or being allmost wiped out and having the ship's computer giving one member crackers for 10 crew members. Tom Hanks, eat your heart out!

This guy appears to be a scientist and a big space nut. He comes on to talk about his knowledge. One time, he appeared over a week early and claimed that he was on time because of his new calender which helps him be on time more than anyone can ever do. He even influenced a night golfer for also being early, though he was actually a few minutes late for his interview. What a nerd!

This is your landlord!LandLord
This guy appears on "Calls from the Public" and allways complains about how Sifl and Olly are taking care of his property that they live on. Mostly he complains about their "Freekin Monkeys". To them, he is a pain in the butt.

Hi.  I'm Sexgirl.Sexgirl
This strange woman appeard in one episode and offered to have sex with both Sifl and Olly. She was sent by their fans. Well, she appeared to have a good time with Sifl, but when Olly came to her and said a line involving Sea World, she fliped out, insuted him, and ran out. This embarrassed Olly, alot.

This "PUNK-ASS" stormed into the studios, wanting to kill Olly for crashing his barmisfa, in a beaver costume. This guy is really into death and viloence and tried his worse to mess up Sifl's and Olly's happy song about Cindy the Hostess. He claims to be a family man and he has these kinds of thoughts in his head? Yea! Right!!!!!!

Well, I hope you like this page dedicated to The Sifl & Olly Show, and the characters in it. I hope to add more pictures and info to this page, so I can do my part in making the show popular. Just catch the show, now in its SECOND SEASON, Monday through Friday at 8:00pm!!!!!!

It is now OFFICIAL!!!!!!

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